Love notes

introducing our handwritten ‘love notes’ that are being sent worldwide for free via traditional mail.

We are old wandering souls that love making people smile on a daily basis. So, let us mail you or your loved ones something to cheer you up, to make you feel loved and change the Monday norms.


Every week more than 10 designated love notes with words of inspiration, love, warmth and support travel into mailboxes of people around the globe with the help of our friends in the post office.

We feel grateful you embrace this journey, it means a lot to us. We just have a small request! pay it forward to someone!

If you want to know more about these love notes email us or send us a direct message on Instagram. It’s free and you don’t need to do anything, let us put all the imagination and effort to make a simple gesture towards your loved ones.

One love note each week

* Stay tuned for all the blog posts on the love notes we send on a weekly basis.