Tattoo lover: Rafaella!

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As a tattoo lover myself, I know you can’t get just one. When you start putting art on your body, the canvas seems always unfinished and you end up wanting more and more and more… This weekly post will celebrate people and friends I have around me and share the same love about tattoos. 3 Q&A […]

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What’s for Breakfast No.1

So today’s breakfast for my father included mini pancakes, a fried egg (his favorite- basically he is obsessed with eggs), and a sauce of butter with chunks of tomato and ham. Tasty right? In the other end my brother wanted mini pancakes with nutella and peanut butter. I can’t say no to my brother. And […]

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Hello Mr.Winter!

“You have one month to finish the book of 2014. Make the last chapter a perfect one.” Starting from today, I set a goal to myself; to set-up a beautiful blog for my friends. What is your goal for this month? Let me know.

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