“Human beings
are made of water–-
we were not designed
to hold ourselves together
rather run freely
like oceans
like rivers”

~Beau Christopher Taplin, Hunting Season

Back in March, I made to myself a very crucial question:

‘Marianna, how do you want to raise up your son?’

It wasn’t long before I decided to book a holiday trip of a week for the two of us to Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. Mainly the reason was to challenge myself – trust me it’s not easy carrying around a 3-year-old, but it’s a very interesting process where you learn the virtue of patience and much more. So my answer to that question was:

‘I want him to be free, but in order to do that he must first go out there and see the world. He needs to taste different cultures and meet many people, to see the possibilities that lie around us and think of himself as a unique piece of this puzzle, of this ocean that is full of potentials. After these lessons, he can decide upon the life he wishes to follow. Exploring is a hot trend, not only for travel but also for inner peace. To explore the whole world perhaps is easier that dedicating time into exploring our depths. Travelling allows you to combine these two. So I hope between airplanes and unknown lands I will allow him to experience this privilege, and in a way invest in becoming the best version of himself.’

Fast-forward to June, we got on a plane for a 4-hour flight journey. Needless to say, my son was curious about this new adventure and eager to discover everything from the convenience of his stroller 🙂 So together, with the help of my dear friend, Anninos, we explored Copenhagen as much as we could. It was a week, full of emotions and joys, rainy and windy days, with memories that will last a lifetime.

| E X P L O R E | D E N M A R K |


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