Singing Lover: Polina!

”What I love most about people is their passion for life.

Their passion for beauty and happiness.

Every human needs to search within him what is his true call and follow it, feed it and grow it.”

I really admire my cousin, Polina Polycarpou because I remember her singing since she was in secondary school. Every time our families were meeting we would sit back and listen to her unique voice and just stare at her beautiful charisma. Until today she sings at any occasion she finds even though she is busy with her studies. She is going to be a lawyer one day and you don’t get to find a beautiful lawyer with singing capabilities so easily, I promise that to you. If you want to listen to her, be curious and go find her anywhere she’s singing live, I’m sure you will enjoy her as much as I do. So until then, you can meet her within the following interview:

Q: What is your passion?polina1

A: Talking about my passion, singing, there is a lot to talk about. From as far as I remember myself, I was holding a hair comb and I was pretending that it was a microphone. I was standing in front of the mirror and I was miming to be a singer performing in a theatre, in front of many people. Such a typical behaviour of a child someone could say…but for me, that was my magical world where true happiness existed. In the mind of a child, full of dreams, doing that thing that she thought she knew best. As the years passed by, you see, her dreams started to become true, even at a small scale.

Q:When was the first time you sing in public?

polina3A: At about thirteen I remember myself auditioning for the first ever audition of my life to take part in the talent show of my school. Young and shy…those are the two words that best described me at that age. However, as the years passed by I believed more in myself… I passed the auditions of my school’s talent show and I even participated in the Cultural Evenings of my school. My dreams were starting to become true. Me, singing, in front of a large, I could say, crowd in a theatre. It was really a great moment. As far as now is concerned, although, I am currently studying I try my best to participate in small bands and make the one thing that really makes me feel alive and happy. What is the meaning, anyways to life if you do not chase your dreams? Therefore, never give up and never stop believing ￿

Q: Can you share with us your favorite singers please?polina2

A: My favourite female singers are Etta James, Nina Simone and the Greek famous singer Natassa Bofiliou. From male singers I admire Stevie Wonder, John Lennon and Alex Vargas.

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